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Kisan Mela 2023

Marketing a new product or service in today’s highly competitive environment can be a challenge to any new or old business. The volatile condition of the market and a highly informed and spoiled-for-choice customer base in the RELEVANT Sector, make it a specialized task to position your brand for both maximum visibility and enhanced respect among the customers.

We, Kulwant Vision, are organizing Agro Expo Kisan Mela 2023 in Ambala from 02 - 03 December 2023 and in Jalandhar from 09 to 10 Dec. 2023 with an aim to make something bigger. The Kisan Melas have been organized for the last several years has achieved great success. In 2023, more companies are expected to participate from Punjab and Haryana, as well as from other states of the country. This is a golden opportunity to promote your country's image and market your agro industry's products and services. Companies can launch products, gain access to untapped local and international markets, increase brand visibility, seek new agents and distributors, and benchmark their products and services.

Expo is the most powerful means of direct communication and the most effective method of promotion and sales. Companies can participate in this event by booking stalls or sponsoring the event. May we suggest you our following special offers:

• A display area designed according to your culture or as you wish. Special advertisements for your products and services.

• Exclusive meetings with buyers and distributors. One day special tour of farmers of the country. Any additional features as per your requirement?

Attraction of Kisan Mela- 2023

• Display of advance technologies developed by Universities.
• Display and sale of different varieties of seed/planting material.
• Exhibition and sale of value added product developed by farmers.
• Culture shows & well known Punjabi Singers performance.
• Agri-input exhibition and sale.
• Award for innovative / progressive farmers.
• Live Demonstration.

Our Aim / Target 

 every year Kisan Melas are organized in different cities in the country, just the names change, the cities change and their forms too.
At the beginning of the year 2023, Kulwant Vision is organizing not one but 2 Kisan Mela, which will be something different, will have some novelty in itself.
There are proposals in different parts of the country, which can be made successful and meaningful only by the love and cooperation of all of you.

Items to be exhibited

Tractors, Farm Machinery, Implements, Automobiles, Solar Products, Mulching Films, Shade Nets, Pond Liner, Crop Cover, Polyhouse Sheets, Seeds, Fertilizers, Agrochemicals, Supplements, Irrigation, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Equipment, Machinery, The Whole Gamut Of Agriculture, Indian Livestock, Seeds, Seedlings & Tissue Culture Of Vegetable, Fruit Crops & Field Crops, Products & Services In Village Life, Innovative Products Related To Enterprising. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Food/Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery Products Etc.


  • Agricultural Machinery & Equipment                                      
  • Tractor / Harvester / Rotavator
  • Agriculture Seeds Manufacturers / Exporters                              
  • Agro Chemicals / Pesticides / Insecticides Mfrs.
  • Fertilizers / Bio-manure / Liquid Fertilizer Mfrs.                          
  • Precision Farming Products
  • Irrigation / Fertigation / Water Management Equipment          
  • Animal Husbandry 
  • Dairy, Poultry & Live Stock Companies                                           
  • Animal Nutrition Health Products / Equipment
  • Veterinary Products                                                                          
  • Floriculture & Nursery Industry
  • Equipment Suppliers                                                                       
  •  Farm Management Equipment
  • Herbal foods products                                                                    
  •  Plasticulture Product
  • Agriculturists / Agro Industries Corporations                              
  • Workshop tools & equipment
  • Planting Material / Seedling                                                           
  •  Vertical Farming Solutions
  • Plant Protection / Pesticides / Insecticides / Nutrients              
  •  Agro Business Consultants


Anyone Can visit in Kisan Mela Its for all & Entry is Free for all. Families, students, teachers, professors etc etc. 

  • Agriculturists
  • Agro Industry Corporations
  • Centre & State Government Agencies and Departments
  • CEOs & Senior Managers of Indian Companies / MNCs
  • Commercial & Registered Breeders
  • Dairy Owners & Producers Worldwide
  • Distributors / Manufacturers / Suppliers of Food & Dairy Equipment
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Farmers  
  • Farm Contractors
  • Horticulturists & Floriculturists
  • International & Domestic Business Delegations
  • Researchers & Educators
  • Scientists

Our Process

Understanding your product and the needs of farmer brothers

  • Planning

    Bringing your product and farmer brothers closer to each other

  • Organization

    To unite farmer brothers and product manufacturers by organizing Kisan Mela 

  • Management

    When, how and for whom, what is the need of the farmer brothers, to organize the Kisan Mela and to match the agricultural equipment manufacturers.

  • Support
    It is our duty to understand the happiness and sorrow of farmer brothers and agricultural equipment manufacturers and remedy their sorrows.

    Book Your Stall Now

    Stall Booking Registration

    Lucky Draw

    In Kisan Mela 2023, every stall will have a coupon, which will put in a box filled with the name, address, stall number and other details of the person concerned, the lucky draw will be held on the last day at 5 pm, in which the winner will get a tractor / car / bike. There may be other prizes to which terms & conditions will apply.
    Lucky draw will be done in front of everyone with video recording so that no one gets any grievance and any kind of doubt can be raised.

    please take note
    1 prize and draw will be valid for all and whoever is the winner will be able to take home the winning prize under the simple process government and non-government only after winning.
    2 On-the-spot Rewards Its Brands Will Be Decided Not At The moment
    3 In certain conditions, this lucky draw can be changed or closed by specifying the valid reason

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