Cancellation/Refund Policy

In Kisan Mela 2023 all the payments will come to Kulwant Vision and the sponsorship or stall booking amount will be given to Kulwant Vision only

Kulwant Vision does not sell anything in retail, so we do not have a return policy.

Since Kulwant Vision is a Consultancy and Advertising Company, even if a client cancels his order, the amount paid by him can be deducted and returned according to the services rendered till then along with Mutual Understanding.

Services are for all services so there is no fixed amount

If a company decides not to participate 15 days before the start of the fair, then some part of the payment deposited by it, which Kulwant Vision has spent in their promotion, will be deducted and 25% to 50% of the other expenses received. Whatever is the % can be given any time till 1 month after the end of the fair and if Kulwant Vision has promoted him and his name has appeared in all the promotions then Kulwant Vision also has the right not to pay. will be

For some reason like due to government or natural reasons, if the Kisan Mela is not held on time, then further dates will be given but the fair will definitely take place.

If you don’t make cash payments, it is better to have payment gateway on the website as well as transfer check payment online so that you too can easily claim your payment and we too
If there is any problem, then the payment will be refunded on its own time but all the payments will be taken before the start of the payment fair.

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