how we design our Kisan Mela 2023 Logo

How We Design Our Kisan Mela 2023 Logo

While designing the Kisan Mela logo, it was thought in the heart that the farmer should be his work, his equipment, and his identity as well.
That’s why these logos were prepared, first of all, the cow was kept in mind, which is the first asset of the farmer, without which the farmer cannot be called a farmer.

The cow is associated with milk and dung, manure is attached to cow dung, the bull is also available from the cow and the cow is also good, whatever the farmer is incomplete without a cow, so the cow is first given a place in the people.

In today’s time, the farmer wants first because the land of the farm will be ready only when the field is plowed by the tractor, how the farmer fulfills the need for the tractor, whether by taking it or on rent, but there is a need for that too.

After plowing the field, planting seeds in it comes the first work of the farmer, good seed gives good fruits only after sowing the good mill and the color of the farmer’s hard work is seen in his good crop.

Now in the field, the farmer takes care of his crop with all his life, so even if his care is visible to him, it is my duty to include everyone in the people.

Now comes it is also necessary the maintenance the crop with pesticides, otherwise, weeds or locusts or any disease spoils the good crop, then the farmer is incomplete again without pesticide, then its place has also been made in the people.
Now when it comes to the color chosen by people, everyone knows that green color represents greenery, yellow color indicates caution and red color tells us to be careful. And its fruit is a good crop green, so there is no need for such people who are 100% connected to the farmer, than the logo of Kisan Mela is ready like this.

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