Kisan Mela 2023

Kisan Mela 2023 or any year of any year will be Kisan Mela, in which farmers will be there, along with those people associated with farmers, who are not farmers, but will also be associated with farming.
How many people would have made agricultural equipment, then someone would have represented them, all of them are also part of the Kisan Mela.

There will be many people like us who do small gardening at home, even if we are not farmers, Bhaji becomes part of the Kisan Mela because only we know what new technology has come which will help our small gardening to give more yield. will do

There are many people who are not even farmers, they do not even do gardening, but their interest is towards agriculture, whether they are students or working people or unemployed.
Some of them are interested in agricultural science and some are interested to know what is new.

Well, whatever may be the Kisan Mela, wherever it is, people come as soon as we go ahead with the same pattern, whether in Ambala or Jalandhar, we are going to do something new in it, no one has seen or heard it before.
Our biggest effort is the cooperation of all of you, you or the Lord know.
There will be no shortage of hard work and passion to make our efforts a success.

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