Kisan Mela 2023 ( Krishi Upkaran)

Kisan Mela 2023 ( Krishi Upkaran)
In the Kisan Mela 2023, all the farmers who make agricultural equipment put up their own stalls and give complete information to all the farmers who come, even the smallest details of the equipment made by them so that all the farmer brothers have their own facilities and agricultural equipment according to their needs. to buy

Now farming does not require one or two tools, there are many tools, it also has spare parts and stalls with decoration or modification of engine oil, tires, and tractors, and trolleys will also be available.
Say that no farmer will be able to go empty-handed and will go with something or the other, whether it is a free gift that he has won with a lucky coupon or bought with his own money.
There will be something special in every stall for the people visiting every stall, which no one has seen anywhere before Kisan Mela 2023
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