Kisan Mela 2023 Stalls Layout plan

Kisan Mela 2023 Stalls Layout Plan

Kisan Mela Stalls

No fair is complete without stalls then how can there be Kisan Mela 2023 Kulwant Vision All of you who are farmers or make seeds, fertilizers or equipment for the farmer or whatever is beneficial for the farmers in the field, all of them Kulwant Vision invites you to set up your own stalls

The layout planning of the stalls has been done in such a way that everyone can easily come to the stall, that too considering the complete safety precautions.
By making every stall safe and secure, it will be made such that everyone can easily see their stall and can pay attention to every farmer and customer visiting their stall.

Special arrangements will be made to ensure that the entire site can get emergency services of any type immediately during Kisan Mela 2023. Special care will be taken for the facility of Ambulance Fire Brigade Medical Assistance.

Separate arrangement will be made for parking and eating and drinking, apart from this a special place has been made for Punjabi singers and other programs so that there can be no stampede or negligence, special care will be taken for all health and life.

The services of police and non-government securities services will also be taken so that there is no push and theft does not happen.
Close cricket cameras will also be installed

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