Live Telecast Kisan Mela 2023

Live Telecast Of Kisan Mela 2023 ( Ambala & Jalandhar)

Taking special care of those who have not been able to see the Kisan Mela or want to come but could not, Kulwant Vision will also telecast live making Hum Sab Ke Kisan Mela 2023 special and later also broadcast it on TV channels.
Not only this, it will be live on as many social sites as possible, whenever you can watch their recordings on YouTube, Facebook will be live telecast, do not forget to watch them together or later, it will be according to your convenience.
If our sponsors get advertisements in between, we are already apologizing for that because of the sponsors, we all have our beloved Kisan Mela 2023 and all of you are watching it too.
The rest is our best effort so that you all can see how many stalls will be there which you would not think in the Kisan Mela you can also see these in the Kisan Mela.
Kisan Mela 2023 be it in Ambala or Jalandhar or see in any other state Kulwant Vision will never let you down, this is our firm promise to you.

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