Lucky Draw in Kisan Mela 2024

Stall Lucky Draw




& Other Prizes 


Terms & Conditions Apply.

Final Decision will be taken by Kisan mela & Kulwant Vision.


If Kisan Mela is 2024 and there is no lucky draw then it can not happen and the reward is a tractor, car and bike then what is the point yes it will happen hope all of your love and support will make this dream come true & depends on sponsors

A lovely chance to try your luck in Kisan Mela 2024 and hope everyone would like to try their luck.

Victory or defeat are aspects of every game, so it will not happen that everyone wins or loses, only those whose fate will support, they will win the prize.

Each stall will be provided with a coupon which they have to fill and put in the lucky draw box, in which all their details will be written, name, address, mobile number till age, so that they can be easily rewarded for winning.
The last day of the fair will be out at 5 pm and the coupon can be
Can go out whether it is a dignitary or a farmer or a small child
While drawing the lucky draw, it will be video recorded so that no one can call it false or false later.

Lucky draw prizes are subject to change but everyone will be informed before the draw, whether by announcement or on the website, or both. The final decision will be on Kulwant Vision and Kisan Mela 2023, which no one will be able to challenge. Terms and conditions will be imposed by both government and non-government, if there is any tax, then only the winner may have to pay it.

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