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Number of rows :                             12

Number of cover stalls(15X15):        40

Entry Row Cover 1- 5 & 36-40 Stalls :     Rs.30,000.00/-

Entry Row Cover 6-10  & 31-35 Stalls   : Rs.25,000.00/-

Entry Row Cover 11-15  & 26-30 Stalls : Rs 20,000.00/-

Entry Row Cover 16-25 Stalls               : Rs.15,000.00/-

Number of open sky stalls  :            20

Area 15X15 open sky :                           Rs.25,000.00/-

Terms & Conditions

Please read all terms & conditions carefully before booking your stall.

  1. The stall booking is subject to receive 100% payment in advance. If exhibitor is paying 50% or more than 50% payment as booking amount or advance, the organizer will hold the space till 30th  Sept. 2024.  The stall booking can not be confirmed until the exhibitor should pay 100% payment on or before 10 days from the event dates.
  2. lf balance payment is not made by 30th Sept. 2024 for Ambala & Jalandhar, organiser reserve right to cancel booking, with no refund of advance payment.
  3. Only the agreed exhibits may be displayed. Exhibits may be removed subject to permission from the organisers. The Organisers will not be responsible for any damages. The exhibitors are requested to insure all their exhibits, before getting them to the Venue.
  4. In case of withdrawn / cancellation by the exhibitor, the organizer reserve the rights of no refund as per the following conditions:

    ·         Cancellation before 1months of the exhibition – 25% of the charges.

    ·         Cancellation before 15 Days of the exhibition – 50% of the charges.

    ·         Cancellation before 5 days of the exhibition – 75% of the charges.

    ·         Cancellation within 1 day of the exhibition – 100% of the charges (No Refund). 

  5.      In case of cancellation or postponement of the exhibition caused by natural calamities (act of God), or fire or rain, Governments instructions and/or any other reasons the amount given by the exhibitors, will be adjusted in the next event, however if the organizers cancel the exhibition then confirm exhibitors will get 100% refund without any interest. The applicable GST amount will not be refunded.

  6.  The stall will be allotted on 30th  Sept. 2024 Ambala & 13th Oct. 2024 Jalandhar after 01:00 p.m. The stalls should be vacated by 9 p.m.on 9th Oct. 2024 Ambala & 23 th Oct. 2024.
  7.        The Organizers reserve the right, to reallocate or resize spaces under special circumstances.
    The organizers also reserve the right to cancel booking approved on basis of misleading or false information, or if the requirements of participation (rental charges are not received in full at the mentioned dates prior to the event) are no longer met by the applicant.

  8.        The exhibitors should accept that changes might take place in the other stands at the beginning of
    event. No claims for damages by either party would be entertained.

  9. Exhibitors must occupy the space allotted not later than 9.00 a.m. on 02  Oct. 2024 Ambala & 15 Oct. 2024 Jalandhar or else the organizers reserve the right to re-allot the stall to other company.    

  10. Open toSky stall only electric connection will be provided. Other structure and furniture has to be arranged by participants themselves or through official vendor. 

  11.       The prefabricated stall holders should get their electrical works done from the electrical contractor appointed by the organizers only. If the exhibitors are getting own generator sets & electricians, should they seek the prior permission of the organizers. Requisitions for Extra Power Connection and Power Required (KW) should be made on or before 20 th Sept. 2024. Details about your electrical load consumption have to be informed well in advance and exhibitor should pay the extra electricity charges as applicable

  12.       Exhibitors are requested to note that they would require a Gate pass for security purposes, in case they wish to take any exhibits / items out of the fair grounds. The Gate pass would be available on written request at the office. A final Gate pass would be needed on last day for the exhibitors to move out of the fair grounds.

  13.       Advertising of all kinds is permitted but only within the stand hired by the exhibitor, on behalf of the exhibitor’s own company and only for exhibits manufactured or distributed by exhibiting firm.

  14.        The exhibitors are responsible for the setting up of their structure, it’s maintenance during the
    event and the dismantling after the event.

  15.       All the vendors have to be approved by the organizer as per the security guidelines of Indian
    exhibition Industry Association.

  16.          Music systems and special lights used inside a stand should not cause inconvenience or annoyance to other exhibitors or visitors. Any complaint received will result in termination of such display.

  17.        Exhibits must be positioned / displayed / demonstrated such that they will not intrude into the
    pathway / public space or cause hazard to visitors / other Exhibitors.

  18.          Any exhibit or process, which generates noxious or toxic fumes, or smoke of any kind, is strictly prohibited. Also no fuel or inflammable material is allowed in the exhibition premises.

  19.          All stand designs are expected to be ready on the first day of the exhibition, four hours before the inaugural time. Also dismantling of the displays will not be allowed before the closing time on
    the last day of the exhibition. Exhibitors are only permitted to distribute brochures or other advertising material from within their own stand. The display, distribution or presentation in any form outside the demarcated area is prohibited.

  20. The general cleaning of the venue is the responsibility of the organizer. Cleaning of  individual stalls & exhibits is the responsibility of the exhibitors. Such cleaning should be done every day prior to the opening of the event.

For Our Sponsors / stall owners

What we will Provide You

  1. Website of 5 pages i.e Home, about, Contact, Services & Product Pages will be there for one year.( Minimum 2stall )
  2. Your Company name Domain ( .com or .in or .co. or or whatever available according to your company name.
  3. One to five email accounts according to sponsorship amount or numbers of stalls taken.
  4. 1 Minute, 45 seconds, 30 Seconds & 10 seconds Visual ad film according to sponsorship.
  5. Live Telecast of Kisan Mela on You Tube as well as Face book page & other social sites & Website.
  6. Telecast of Recorded Kisan Mela on a satellite TV channel (Either on Kisan TV or other any TV channel)
  7. In Breaks of telecast we will telecast our sponsor’s advertisements.
  8. Anchor will announce sponsorship companies name in breaks.
  9. Display of advertisements on LED TV, hoardings & other publicity items on Every entrances.
  10. Display of Live Telecast in Kisan Mela in Venue area.
  11. Free Food coupons for stalls owners & staff.( Per stall 2 Member)
  12. Free Drinking Water bottles ( 1 Pack small bottles for per stall )
  13. Neat & Clean wash rooms for gents & ladies staff.
  14. Electricity connections according to stall load.
  15. Chairs & tables according to requirements. (Per stall 2 table & 4 chairs)
  16. Water Proof Stalls, Waiting Area, Water Proof Sitting Area, Water Proof Stage, Water proof livening Area.
  17. Water Proof Food court neat & clean hygienic food like Punjabi Food, Fast food, buffet system, self-service, Tea & Coffee, cold drinks, & many more.
  18. Special arrangement of food for Kisan bhai & visitors.
  19. Special arrangement Stay & food for staff per stall (2 Member)
  20. Securities round the clock with CC TV Cameras, Control Room, Enquiry Room,
  21. Mini Hospital cum Medical Assistance & ambulances.
  22. In case of fire, Fire Brigade van will be there.
  23. Huge Parking Area – cars & Bike parking separately.
  24. Neat & Clean Drinking Water available for visitors.
  25. Extra Care for both stall owners with staffs & Visitors.
  26. Lucky Draws gift items on entry gates for visitors.
  27. Lucky draw gift items for customers on purchase or booking more than Rs.15000/-
  28. Lucky draw gift items for stall owners.

Last but not least, Supportive staff of Kisan Mela will always help you.

In case of any assistance, complaint please call 9915217583 immediately issue will be solved according to situation.  

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