Stalls Benefits in Kisan Mela 2023

Stalls Benefits in Kisan Mela 2023

The companies that set up their stalls in the farmers’ fair, they benefit a lot as well as the farmer brothers also get a lot of benefit and the organizers also get the comfort of heart that they have introduced direct companies and farmers and so on. made their job easier

Farmer brothers get everything in one place, which they have to wander from place to place and still they are not satisfied that they got the goods of their choice, but in Kisan Mela, there is not one or two, not unlimited options in front of them to make everyone shake. After that, they can buy the goods or equipment of their choice from the same company directly.

The farmer needs help, the right guide is needed, if we help him a little in this work, then our small effort helps the farmer to sleep comfortably.

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