Why and Where Should the Kisan Mela be Held?

Why and Where Should the Kisan Mela be Held?

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Our question was why and where should the Kisan Mela be held?
Many of us probably know the answer to this, some can guess, some arrows are short, and some may not know, well whatever we do, we should give our answer so that those who do not know also know

The simple answer to this is that the Kisan Mela should be held when the farmer is in need and when the farmer is needed, then sorry, I believe that the farmer always needs some agricultural equipment or the goods or information used in farming. If it happens, it can be concluded that whenever the Kisan Mela takes place, it is still needed.

Many times the farmer is not able to go to the farmer's fair due to some personal work or reason, then somewhere else the farmer's fair held around the farmer helps him to get all his goods or information without becoming a hindrance this reason, so this was my The answer to the question of the first part at a glance

Now the second part of the question is, where should the Kisan Mela be held?
So I believe that farmers' fair should be organized from time to time in every city every state in every part of the country because farmers are in every city in every state in the whole country, but it is not easy to organize a Kisan Mela and farmers as well as agricultural equipment. It is not easy even for the manufacturing companies that Kisan Mela should be organized in every city.

As far as the place is concerned, there does not seem to be a small place for organizing a Kisan Mela, almost as much space is needed as the houses settled in a small village, then the workplace also becomes the reason for not holding the Kisan Mela in every city. The open sky is an open space where the farmer brother can come, along with the equipment makers for the farmer brother can also come because today agricultural equipment has become very big, not small, whose size and weight are so much that it takes them to bring and take them back. Even if it is difficult, take special care of this, wherever the Kisan Mela is organized, it is seen that the equipment can be reached easily.

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