Why Kisan Mela?

Why Kisan Mela

One of the questions we asked that day was also whether it is necessary to have this Kisan Mela?

The answer is absolute yes because today's world is getting advanced, and everyone wants more production in less time and less effort, if there are advanced varieties of seeds, advanced fertilizers, and advanced equipment, then only advanced farming will be known.

Kisan Mela is not a common fair, it is different, which also brings a farmer closer to another farmer's brother and connects them with all the companies related to farming.

In today's era, everyone wants to progress at a low cost and in a better way by comparing every tool or fertilizer or seed with the other one, so Kisan Mela helps the farmer here, it also saves time and less time. More information is also available in the comparison as well as

Apart from this, the organizers of the Kisan Mela often set up counseling centers for the farmer brothers, where they farmer brothers can learn how to get rid of their problems, whatever their questions may be, they get the answer.

That is why in my view it is necessary to have a Kisan Mela from time to time, in every city, every state, and in the whole country.

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